Being agile and robust at the same time is what characterizes  successful companies. On one hand, your  must be able to develop as the market and competitors change. On the other hand, your business be robust to  withstand negative effects from the same. Scheel & Bjerre are experts in building the digital resilience required in todays business. It is about balancing the value ​​created in your company and the effort you take securing the assets that made the valuecreation possible.

We are a specialized consultancy within IT and Information Security, with consultants focusing on understanding the problems in front of us, and using our experience in IT strategy, Information security, business development and digitalization to overcome these challenges. We act as trusted advisor for customer, private as public alike.

Our range of concepts, tools and frameworks, are  designed to  secure the assests of your business by focusing on management of people, proces and tehcnlogy. We are professionals  and our concepts are rooted in pragmatism, transparency and priority.

We offer advisory services in select areas, assist with execution of transformation agendas and we are constantly developing and delivering services where speed, efficiency and quality is required..


  • Strategic Audit - IT
  • Leadership and governance
  • Information and Cybersecurity
  • IT efficiency analysis / Process optimization
  • Procurement Assistance - IT & Security
  • Due Diligence - IT
  • Digitalization


  • Outsourcing  T&T
  • IT & IS Prorgram/project management
  • Bid team advisors
  • Audit clean up
  • GDPR Journey
  • Compliance


  • DPO as a service
  • PCI review / Pre audit
  • "Rigsrevisor" light
  • CIO as a service
  • CISO as a service
  • Crisis manager

" Advisors, because thats is what we are - Transformation, because this is how we drive change with our customers - Services, because sometimes you just want to leave the job to an experienced professional."

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